About Us

Senior Yoga Class

Our Story

Creator of the Hawk Method, Ashley Hawkins, discovered meditation, yoga, and reiki in response to a desire for sustainability and wellness motivated from the core. Her exploration began at an early age as a competitive athlete, caregiver, and performer. Under the direction of world class mentors her path took shape to embody these ancient teachings while also facilitating space for others to do the same. As an educator Ashley writes and hosts teacher trainings, children's programs, and still finds time to lead private therapy sessions. Her comprehensive approach encourages a patient unfolding to reveal qualities beyond the chaos linking us all.

Our Vision

Everyone possesses an unchanging essence within the self that can be observed and brought forward into our present awareness. Our goal is to guide and allow space for the unraveling of conditioning to access the innate nature which empowers us on our path through deep connection. From this place there is a healing and sense of unshakeable contentment in all things we may experience.

We like to find joy with respect to an aligned reality where acceptance, non judgment, compassion, and kindness are at the forefront of consciousness.

Wellness Coach